Indiana Workers Compensation

Assigned Risk Reinsurance Pool

 Annual Premium Call 


Section 4.03 of the Articles of Administration for the Indiana Assigned Risk Reinsurance Pool (“Indiana Pool”) provides that each Member shall report to the Plan Administrator, in the form and manner prescribed by the Plan Administrator, the Net Premiums Written by such Member during each calendar year. FORM IN-10 is used for this purpose and must be filed even if no workers compensation premium was written in Indiana during the calendar year.


The Take-Out Credit Program continues in effect for the Indiana Pool. To receive credits you must be enrolled with NCCI. See additional instructions below.


ONLINE SUBMISSION of FORM IN-10 is required. Please do not mail, email, or fax a copy of your submission. If your contact information has changed, FORM IN-3 should also be submitted.


All necessary forms and instructions are provided below.


Please note that Adobe Reader is required to view and print the instructions.


If you have any questions, please call 601-977-9456.




Premium Call


The 2020 Premium Call results are final. The following Online Submission link will be enabled for 2021 submissions after January 1, 2022.


Online Submission: FORM IN-10




Member Company Contact


Form IN-3 should be submitted if your contact information has changed. 


Use the link below to download FORM IN-3 and open the document. Use “Save As” to save a copy of the form as a Microsoft Word document to the appropriate location on your computer. Fill in the applicable information using the Tab key or arrow keys to move from field to field.


“Save” your changes and email the completed form to the ICRB (c/o CIS), using the following email address:


Email submission: Form IN-3 






Please note that Adobe Reader is required to view and print these instructions.


Annual Premium Call Instructions


Take-Out Credit Instructions